Welcome to the Uwazi demo!

This collection uses a selection of data on state membership of the United Nations to demonstrate some of Uwazi's key features. Feel free to test all that you see here. You can add, edit or delete data without worry: The collection resets to its original state every few hours.

Please note that this collection is not complete and should not be used for research purposes.

In an Uwazi collection, there are three levels of access permissions: the Admin role, the comparatively more limited Editor role, and the most limited Collaborator role. Learn more details about what each role can do here. You can log into the demo using any of following credentials to test out the user experience from these differing levels of permissions:

Admin login credentials

  • Username: demo
  • Password: demo

Editor login credentials

  • Username: editor demo
  • Password: editor demo

Collaborator login credentials

  • Username: collaborator demo
  • Password: collaborator demo

For guidance on what's possible in Uwazi, take a look at the Uwazi website, the Uwazi Admin User Guide and this recent video demo of the tool.